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Value Transfer systems or Currency is one of the most important inventions of modern times.  Due to exponential technological advancements, there is a need for a new value transfer system or currency, which can evolve with the technological age.  

Traditional transactions  are not secure, confirmation of payment take days, the currency can be manipulated and goes untracked, unlike crypto currency.  Crypto currency (Bitcoin, Litecoin, NYCoin, Etheruem) is an electronic based system that creates electronic currency that is verified by a peer network like you!  This system allows for the user to verify each transaction and currency in the comfort of their home.  Traditional currencies can be faked and transactions can be manipulated, with crypto currency, there is no way to make a fake coin or fake transactions.  

The CCC is a one stop shop for all of your crypto currency and blockchain technology needs.  

Learn about wallets, mining, exchanges and more.  Look out for seminars  in your local area  and email  us to request seminars if your area is in need of assistance, no seminar is too big or too small.

The internet is full of information and misinformation, we are here to end the confusion and provide verified information.  Become a member, learn to use this revolutionary technology, gain the freedom and knowledge to create your own use cases for blockchain technology.

Crypto Currency Terminology


Learn about cryptocurrency terms and abreviations.


What is a Crypto Currency Wallet


Learn about different cryptocurrency wallets and how to operate them.  

(Core, Paper, and third party wallets.)  

Learn how to secure and back up your wallets.


Crypto Currency Exchange


Learn about which cryptocurrency exchanges operate in your region, how to register, trade, transfer funds, and withdraw.


Accept Crypto Currency


Are you a Merchant or

Operating a non-profit? 

Learn how you can accept cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency donations.

How to Accept Cryptocurrency

Crypto Currency Mining


Learn how to mine cryptocurrency blocks and recieve block rewards - What is a block and blockchain technology ? Coin Algorithms (ie Bitcoin SHA256), Mining Programs, Equipment, Setting up a node etc. 


Blockchain Technology


Learn how to code and contribute to blockchain technology projects or build your own use cases for this revolutionary technology.  Learn about proof of work vs proof of stake, how chain rules are written, how blocks are generated and how rewards are payed out.

Blockchain Technology

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We are a nonprofit organization focused on providing crypto currency and blockchain technology education to the world. With the help of our tireless staff, we would like to end the fear and confusion around this revolutionary technology by organizing fundraisers, community-building events, and in-depth training sessions. 

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